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BRADON BUDGELL, Fitness Instructor

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My name is Bradon Budgell and I am a Certified Personal Trainer at Uplift Fitness. I started training in high school, as I was playing hockey and baseball and still had the dream of making it to the big leagues. I attended many camps and trained with Factory Hockey in Powell River where I was taught to lift properly and learned sport specific exercises. After moving from Powell River to Victoria as soon as I graduated, I began to eat and party as I was living on my own in a new city and just turned 19. I quickly gained weight with my unhealthy lifestyle and was up to 275 lbs by the time I had turned 21. I began lifting weights again to lose some belly fat and as soon as I started seeing results, I fell in love. Moving to Vancouver has helped me start to create healthier habits and I started hitting the gym regularly as well as focusing on my nutrition for the first time in my life. After a couple years of training hard every day and eating properly, I was able to lose 90 pounds and get my weight down to 185 lbs. Being able to reach my weight loss goals motivated me to help others on their fitness journey, so I decided to further educate myself by becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well as an ACE Nutrition Specialist.


I specialize in Sport Performance, Strength & Conditioning, Hypertrophy Training, Nutrition and Weight loss. Whether you are new to working out or are an elite level athlete, I will provide an engaging and uplifting environment to excel.


My goal is to keep you motivated to work hard in life and exceed your goals without sacrificing the freedom to enjoy yourself. By making the gym engaging and fun, we can work together to create the best version of you.

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