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DARREN WU, Fitness Instructor

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From a young age, I have always been passionate about sports. From competing in Track & Field since the age of 5 to participating professionally and nationally in Ultimate Frisbee as a representative for Canada on the world stage, you could usually find me on a field. However, the injuries began to accumulate over the years and I found myself becoming less active in any form of sports.


Throughout my life, I’ve always been a skinny, lanky kid and never wanted to be in a gym because I was embarrassed of my body. Through dedication and consistency, no matter how unmotivated I was to be in a gym, I was able to see progress and I began to love the idea of fitness altogether. From previous injuries due to sports, I learned to strengthen and condition my body so I could prevent long term pain. Not only did I see positive results physically, I noticed it mentally and carried it on into other areas of my life.


From my passion in sports, I developed a new love for weight training, strength and conditioning, and mobility work. This allowed me to have full control over my body and ultimately, create a more confident sense of self.


I became a Certified Personal Trainer to help people reach their full potential and work with them to meet their goals. I want to share my passion and love for fitness to others who need a helping hand. It is scary to start something new but the first step is to just start.

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