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JEREMIAH BUCANOG, Fitness Instructor

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I was a skinny kid when I was younger but as the years went on the amount of food I ate went up. I started gaining weight and it would be pointed out by everyone around me, I became the chubby kid. But even as the chubby kid, I was obsessed with sports; I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and wrestled for my school. Even as the chubby kid, all my problems went away when I played sports because even with my size, I worked hard and always wanted to be one of the best on the team. That drive carried me on until grade 11 when I was forced to stop playing sports due to knee problems. Without sports I had nothing that motivated me anymore. My Grade 11 year was probably one of the worst times I been through, I was at my lowest when it came to mental and physical health. ? 

I was at my highest ever weight (190lbs).? 
I was lost and felt alone.
I faced bullying a lot it came in many forms even from "friends."? 
My confidence was invisible.
I cared too much about other people's opinion.? 
I would overthink all my insecurities.? 
I was stuck comparing myself to people who I thought were better. 

I felt as if I had no more hope and purpose, and I debated taking my own life. But then I found the gym and lifting. The gym gave me new motivation to prove everyone and myself wrong about who I was. I didn’t want to be the fat kid anymore, I wanted to be the BEST ME I could be. I started working out consistently, I went to the gym almost every day and stayed for hours. I dropped down to 135 lbs, my lowest weight since middle school.  

After I finished high school, I immediately went back to school at Hilltop Academy to get my Personal Training Certificate. I chose to become a trainer because I want to help people accomplish their goals and help them be the best version of themselves. It’s never too late to start the process!

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