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JULIA SALERNO, Fitness Instructor

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For as long as I can remember sports have played a vital role in my childhood and it was really the team environment that shaped me into the person I am today. Growing up I played competitive soccer which defined my athletic abilities and out shinned my desire to have your normal teenage “fun”. I also knew my purpose to help others and my passion for fitness would result in me becoming a lifestyle coach and an athletic trainer. I love everything about health and fitness, and I can really and truly say I am obsessed with impacting lives in a healthy and positive way.  

When I reached the peak of my soccer ability just before University,  I experienced a  troubling and heartfelt knee injury. I was thankful enough to have access to the best surgeon in Toronto at the time however, my mental state took a downfall. It is then I learned fitness and “working out” means much more than having the perfect beach bod. This major set back in my life taught me that High Performance training is crucial for your mental state. 

I had then taken the initiative to start rehab and investing all my money and money saved into training and becoming the best version of myself. Especially during University and the following years my passion and love for training grew bigger and bigger. I was fortunate enough to met an Olympic track and field Canadian athlete whom shaped me into the trainer I am today. 

I am a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer, with aspirations of becoming a Registered Nutrition. Through physiology and my science based background I changed many lives for the better and aim to inspire people each and every day. Through consistency and hard work I have achieved my own body transformation which gave me the confidence and drive to educate those around me. 

I specialize in HITT (full body workouts), and strength and conditioning athletic training. 
I will help you get results on your weight-loss journey, body reshaping, and maintaining a healthy mind and body. I will assist you in achieving peak performance in your athletic career. Invest in yourself and put the best you forward

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