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MARK LOPEZ, Fitness Instructor

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Growing up, I was always athletic. I played a lot of sports, but basketball was what I loved. I was always the shorter guy, but I loved the challenge of getting passed the bigger guys. I also ran track and played badminton. So I was always a skinny kid growing up.

At an early age, I knew that I wanted to help people. I grew up in the Philippines and moved to Canada when I was 15 years old in 2009. I went to school and graduated with a degree in Psychology. I started weight lifting during my time in University. When I started seeing results, I was hooked and I kept going and fell in love with the process. So I would go to the gym 6 times a week to better myself and to also de-stress.

When I graduated, I took jobs within the mental health field. This included working in the Social Work realm, Youth Work, and Counselling. As I worked these jobs, it became difficult to sustain my own mental health. So I would go to the gym as an escape. Lifting weights became an outlet and helped me tremendously with the hardships I was experiencing. Each time I went to the gym, I focused on how I could be better. Being surrounded by others in an environment where all they want to do is better themselves is the best thing I did for myself. It made me work harder each time I was in the gym and I always felt better coming out.

As I hit a low point with my anxiety in 2019 with constant anxiety attacks, I decided to make a change. I made some major changes in my personal life in the beginning of 2020 and I wanted to experience something different when it came to fitness. I decided to do boxing and kickboxing and it taught me a lot about how I can push myself, and how amazing it can be when you do. I noticed how my mind shifted once I started pushing myself more physically.

So I became a Certified Personal Trainer because I saw how personal trainers were changing lives in their communities, and I decided I wanted to do the same. I want to share my passion for fitness with people and inspire them to do the same. I want to help others live a fulfilling and healthy life through movement, community, and encouragement. 

With an amazing and dedicated team behind you, I believe you can come out feeling better not only physically, but mentally as well. We can look at why you want to make a change and start from there. The beginning stages of change can be scary, but I believe it is worth it with the right intentions. So let’s work together and explore how you can make those changes!

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