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ROI LEYSON, Fitness Instructor

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My name is Roi Leyson and I am a personal trainer at uplift fitness. Sports and fitness has been apart of my life since I was a kid and my whole family played sports. Playing sports is not only fun but also a great workout. I played sports all the way from elementary to high school.
Growing up my parents taught me how to play basketball and tennis. My dad taught me how to play basketball and my mom taught me how to play tennis. My parents made sure that I stayed active as kid and it carried on to the man I am today. Injuries always comes and goes but I’ve always came back stronger and it’s never stopped me from putting in the work.
My whole life I was skinny-fat and I really wanted to change that. When I started taking lifting seriously I fell in love with it. Everytime I went to the gym I was locked in and was ready to put in the work. I felt like a whole new person after achieving personal records. The gym is like another home for me. No matter if I'm having a bad day or good day, if I went to the gym it already made my day.
Consistently going to the gym I started to see results and it just brings a smile to my face to see how hard work pays off. After achieving my goals It felt like that nothing is impossible and that if you just put in the work, you can achieve anything. I decided to become a personal trainer to help others achieve their goals and to make others happy.

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